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Welcome to Nitro Golf

New Golf Balls

At Nitro Golf we manufacture a variety of new golf balls.  Over the past few years we have introduced new lines of golf balls for players of ALL skill levels and ages.  At Nitro Golf, we strive to fulfill the needs of our customers and we are committed to bringing the best assortment of golf balls to the market place.  We are one of the few golf companies that make yellow, pink, and orange golf balls to compliment our line of white balls.

In 2005 Nitro Golf balls featured a larger solid core that produced better durability and feel. These golf balls were produced to help the mid to high handicap players. Since then, Nitro has been producing a new High Energy Titanium core for the players looking for maximum distance without losing the softer feel. The core is covered with a thin layer of surlyn and has a 432 dimple pattern for better accuracy and flight stability. The reaction has been overwhelmingly successful from our loyal customers.

Nitro Golf is on the cutting edge of technology and will look to continue to bring superior products to the golf industry and prices that everyone can afford. Our Golf Balls can be found at most of the major retailers and golf shops around the country and other online retailers such as .

Nitro Golf also offers custom golf balls featuring your company logo or other graphic printed on them. Custom logo golf balls make the perfect promotional item or corporate gift. For a corporate image boosting promotional item, sure to be popular among your employees and clients, custom golf balls from Nitro Golf are as good as they get.

Recycled Golf Balls

Nitro Golf has a state of the art golf ball recycling facility, located in Stuart, Florida, where we clean, hand sort, and pack the balls by manufacturers and specific models.  This enables us to provide you the product you desire at the best price!

At Nitro Golf, we have a profound appreciation of the golf ball and the technology behind it. Golf balls have come a long way since they were leather pouches stuffed with goose feathers and covered with paint. With the invention of dimpled and multi-layered balls, golfers gained distance, feel and control. Nitro Golf carries a complete selection of used golf balls from the top golf ball manufacturers to supply golfers of all ability levels.

Because we appreciate golf ball technology and the effect is has on your game, Nitro Golf only recycles golf balls that pass strict standards, so the only place you notice the difference between our recycled golf balls and new golf balls is in your wallet. Other golf ball refurbishing companies take used golf balls that don't pass our standards, strip their cover, repaint over damaged cores, and sell golf balls which look ok, but are inherently flawed. There are other companies which advertise "cheap golf balls" - they may be referring to their quality rather than their price. For the best prices on the highest quality used golf balls, Nitro Golf is your supplier of choice.

Golf Clubs

Nitro Golf has manufactured a line of specialty Nitro Golf Clubs which include the Nitro Tour Wedges and the Nitro Ultimate Chipper.  These are golf clubs that everyone can afford to play with!  All clubs come with Nitro’s Pro Grip and 100% satisfaction guaranteed!  Perform with power with Nitro Golf Clubs!